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Tur Poland expects to extend the warranty for machines of its production to 24 months (for another 12 months from the date of sale). The condition for the warranty service are semi-annual inspections at the headquarters of Tur Poland, adhering to the dates contained in the Schedule of the review received at the purchase.

The review made on the basis of the index of inspection dates every 6 months from the purchase of the machine includes, among others, the following activities:

  • checking the engine oil level, possibly changing the engine oil, if necessary,
  • checking the air filter,
  • checking / cleaning the spark plug,
  • checking the magnetic disk brake insert,
  • cleaning the spark arrestor, if the machine has it,
  • checking the hydraulic oil filter,
  • checking the hydraulic oil level,
  • evaluation of the condition of the rolling bearing in a rotary excavator
  • checking the chain tension in the charger

Technical service must be in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions in the operating instructions.The price for the review includes all activities and consumables resulting from the machine operation schedule recommended by the manufacturer.

Depending on the time and / or mileage from the operating conditions and equipment of the mini loader, to ensure smooth operation of the machine, additional maintenance and repair work should be performed. The contractor will then provide individual information on which activities must be carried out as part of the next review and determine the costs of these activities. The scope and cost of additional activities must be always agreed with the ordering party.

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