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About us

Our History

The company was founded by a young entrepreneur as a self-employment in 2015. At first, the headquarters and production was located in Tuliszków, a small village near the town of Turek, where the owner comes from. The names of the localities of the family pages were the main inspiration determining the brand and appearance of the company logo based on the extinct mammal species – Tur.

The company started its activity by designing and implementing one non-rotating mini-digger model with a torsion arm called the V2 model. Along with the development of the company, new machine models were successively introduced. In 2016, the entire production of the company moved to Wrocław, the capital of Lower Silesia, and in 2017 the company transformed into a limited liability company.

Currently, the company is located in Wroclaw’s Swojczyce, in the eastern part of the city.

The production has:

  • mini excavator, model V122, non-rotating with a torsion arm
    (modernized model V2)
  • mini excavator, model V360, rotary
  • mini loader model N500